Treat Wastewater On-Site with a System That Uses Passive Media

Building a sustainable home through on-site wastewater treatment doesn’t have to be complex. Waterflow NZ Ltd provides a compact system that uses passive media and no electricity. This system provides simple yet robust operations that have low running and maintenance costs.

Called BIOROCK, our passive wastewater treatment system is suitable for domestic applications. It offers huge savings through reduced utility bills, minimal maintenance costs and straightforward installation.


The BIOROCK system completes the treatment in three stages:

  1. The raw sewage goes into a primary tank where the separation and breakdown of solids occur. This tank offers a longer de-sludge interval than other traditional treatment units.
  2. The sewage passes through an effluent filter before entering a unit that utilises aerobic digestion to complete the secondary treatment.
  3. The process ends with filtration or tertiary treatment, discharging treated water back into the environment.

What sets BIOROCK apart is its filter media. These media have huge surface areas that allow colonisation of the bacteria necessary for the effective treatment of domestic wastewater. The media do not clog nor break down over time, keeping the BIOROCK system stable for years of service.


2000L capacity

Wastewater treatment unit for 8 persons


3000L capacity

Wastewater treatment unit for 11 persons

Enjoy BIOROCK’s Multiple Advantages

  • Revolutionary technology
  • No power required
  • No mechanical components that can break down over time
  • 24-hour start-up
  • Easy operations
  • Silent and odourless
  • Low operational cost
  • Capable of long absence periods
  • Superb sustainability
  • Long lifespan of system and filter media
  • Long de-sludge interval
  • Low carbon footprint

The Waterflow NZ Ltd Difference

Our expertise lies in residential sewage treatment plant installation in NZ. Over the years, we have helped many developers and architects incorporate non-electric, compact and reliable on-site wastewater treatment systems into their projects. Sewage treatment systems that utilise natural processes can be installed into almost any project.

We do our job by staying committed to a sustainable future for New Zealand. When you partner with us, expect:

  • Eco-responsible wastewater treatment systems like BIOROCK;
  • Easy, straightforward service to keep you on track with your project;
  • Transparent, competitive pricing;
  • Ongoing technical support.

Get in Touch

The BIOROCK is an on-site wastewater treatment system that meets all the needs of today’s homeowners. Specify this for your next rural housing development project and we will help you source and install it. Our expertise is in residential wastewater treatment.

Let’s talk more about how BIOROCK can help your project. Contact us.


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