System Comparison

Treatment TypeSystemsTreatment LevelsTreatment CapacityOdourTreatment Power usage per dayHeaviest ModuleGarbage GrinderPlumbingDisinfection possiblity
BODTSSN reduction
VermifiltrationNF8000<40<40no1600nonezero800kgyesdouble pipenone
NF11000<20<20no1600nonezero800kgyesdouble pipenone
NF12000<15<15no1600nonezero800kgyesdouble pipeyes
AWWTSEconoTreat VBB-C-2000<5<5yes2000septic odour1.3kWh3000kgnosingle pipeyes
EconoTreat VBB-P-2000<5<5yes2000septic odour1.3kWh800kgnosingle pipeyes
EconoTreat VBB-3000-2<20<20yes3000septic odour1.3kWh3000kgnosingle pipeyes
Passive MediaBiorock-2000<20<20no1600low odourzero241kgnosingle pipeyes
Biorock-3000<20<20no2250low odourzero300kgnosingle pipeyes
Biorock-5000<20<20no4500low odourzero500kgnosingle pipeyes
Septic TankConcrete Septic Tank<150<40no1/3 tank volumeseptic odourzero3000kgnosingle pipenone
Plastic Septic Tank<150<40no1/3 tank volumeseptic odourzero500kgnosingle pipenone

Vermifiltration systems

Makes use of bacteria such as earthworms to help filter organic material from wastewater. This simple, energy-efficient approach requires no power or outside input, and is a low-cost and high-efficiency solution.

However, nitrate reduction is not covered by vermifiltration systems. This is important to consider if nitrogen build up in a particular environment is a key concern. Otherwise it’s a solid non-odour choice.

Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWWTS)

Generally comprised of a primary chamber, aeration chamber and clarification chamber, our AWWTS is an ideal option to greatly reduce biochemical oxygen demand and total suspended solids.

Though septic odour will be present with this system, nitrate reduction can be achieved for all three options. All options will require a power output of at least 1.3kWh.

Passive Media

This system is suitable for domestic applications. Since no power output is required it can help contribute to lower utility costs for your home.

With a significant reduction in biochemical oxygen demand, total suspended solids (almost on par with AWWTS), as well as low odour emission, it’s an ideal option for building a more sustainable home.

Septic Tank

Waterflow NZ offers two options under this system: concrete or plastic septic tanks.

Septic tanks are an affordable option, however, bear in mind that organic and inorganic molecules take a while to break down in this system.

Carefully consider your options and prioritise the factors that you value more.

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