Biolytix MultiPod

Biolytix MultiPod

 Naturally Aerated Onsite Wastewater Treatment

Biolytix MultiPod

The Biolytix MultiPod is an onsite treatment system designed to treat wastewater from domestic sources.

It uses a double tank configuration and is based on an enhanced trickling filter process which mimics a natural soil habitat.

 The MultiPod is designed to comply with AS/NZS 1546.3:2008 and must be operated in accordance with this standard. The treated wastewater will usually be disposed of via a land application system. AS/NZS 1547:2012 describes various land application disposal options for secondary-treated effluent. Disposal systems must comply with the relevant Regional Authority rules and these should be consulted.

The MultiPod is perfect for upto 8-Bedroom house or 13 people.

Treatment levelSecondary, Tertiary/UV
ApplicationResidential homes, Commercial, community, Maraes & light commercial
Inside The MultiPod How it Works:
  1. Solid waste is separated from
    liquid waste. Tigers and other
    micro and macro-organisms
    convert solids into a liquid and
    humic material.
  2. Tigers live throughout the
    filter bed naturally aerating
    it. Wastewater is cleansed by
    microorganisms as it trickles
    through the filter bed.
  3. The internal components of the
    Pod can be cleaned-in place
    if long term accumulation of
    residual processed waste occurs. 
  4. At the bottom of the filter bed
    the effluent is now treated and
    filtered to remove particles >80
    microns before it passes into the
    pump chamber. 
A Tiny “Fish Tank” Air Pump For Ventilation

A major advantage of the BioPod is that it is not reliant on complex or expensive machinery to run. It has a minute, but robust, low energy and low volume air pump which ensures the ambient air in the BioPod is constantly refreshed providing an abundance of available oxygen supply for the aerobic organisms that do all the work in the filter. It blower only consumes 0.12 kWhours per day (approximately 3 cents per day) which is very low compared to other conventional aerated wastewater systems, which typically consume 10 to 20 times this. In addition to this, the air pump is whisper quiet. We have field and factory tested installed BioPod and recorded maximum noise of less than 40dB from a distance of just 1m. By comparison, the blowers used on aerated wastewater systems can be very noisy and can operate 24 hours a day.

An Industrial Strength Irrigation Pump

In this middle of the treated wastewater compartment is the disposal pump which operates on-demand (typically less than 30 minutes per day) to dispenses treated effluent from the BioPod out to the irrigation system. The disposal pump is powerful enough to pump more than 50m vertically which allows even the most topographically challenging sites to be irrigated.

Audible-Visual Alarm

The BioPod is extremely reliable but has an audible and visual alarm installed to let you know of any irregularities within the system.


Specifications and product details

Please find details and specifications for download below.

MultiPod Brochure
Owners Manual
Product Specifications (BF8)
Product Specifications (BF7)
OSET NTP Trial 12, 2016/2017
Electrical Instructions
Watch Video

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