EconoTreat Commercial

EconoTreat Commercial Commercial wastewater treatment for larger facilities can be more complex and require specific designs.

EconoTreat Commercial

Robust design and high results

Made from concrete, these systems are durable and can be buried deeper than plastic models, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into the landscape.

Tailored Specific to Your Site

Commercial situations are not ‘one size fits all’.  We work with you to make the necessary design considerations before prescribing a product for commercial facilities.


Specifications and product details

Please find details and specifications for download below.

Brand Specifications
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Protecting the Future of Your Property and our Shared Backyard
At WaterFlow we are with you from start to finish – and beyond. Once installation has finished, we are still on hand to provide, maintenance, support and servicing.

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For trade professionals, working with WaterFlow means gaining a reliable lifelong partner committed to achieving project success, and a team that values collaboration, precision, and timely execution.

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